Monday, November 20, 2006

Wherever I go now, my body fallsOn sand-stained diamonds, its knees aches and hum On duffle bags full of dinged-up foul balls.It’s tightened my head and fattened my frame.Those Mexican summers, those Cuban clowns,Those Veracruz paychecks, the fans’ fawnsAre all gone—the crown I wore was a fake crown. I’m angry and stubborn, stubborn and wrong.Which Promised Land was once promised to me?Who’s passed me over, who’s counted me out?Even inside this plump, ragged creature I don’t break my bats—I just wear them out!Jealousy’s monster has taken my fame.What kind of king has to leave home to reign?

Monday, September 25, 2006

i spent most of this evening doing what every 20-something, lonely bachelor does at night. i played video games and watched comedy central. i watch a lot of comeedy central. there was an episode of saturday nigth live on tonight and the musical guest was 10,000 manics. boy, am i glad that they are not on the radio anymore. talk about terrible music.after watching some more comedy central, i flipped over to nick at nite hoping to catch a couple episodes of the cosby show. because i am in love with denise. or marie de salle. but instead, the jeffersons were on. it was a grave disappointment. so i turned it to tlc. and then discovery channel. and then history channel. and i wondered something. since when did those channels become one big inventory of america's war machine? for a while it was interesting, but not for a very long while. i've been working on designing a new website. it's for the group i helped found. washington university's retired athletes association. the website will showcase my non-existant skills using dreamweaver. i'll let you know when it is up. should be in a few days or so. i've made my roommate the poster child.
Hi Welcome to my new blog.